Alison Bereavement Society

Alison Greer 1971-2018 was a wonderful person. She made friends easily and was always the first to go to someone if they needed help. She was so much to so many people. She is the inspiration behind the Alison Bereavement Society – a new and small charity that helps those who are bereft and feel isolated and lonely or unable to cope after the loss of a loved one. Alison empathised with those who had lost. She cared for those in need. And she lived her life to the full. And she loved a good get together with friends.

This website is in its infancy. It is a place to launch the charity, for people to get hope and comfort by finding someone to talk to. To laugh with, once again.

Click here to see how the funding is going and for more information keep checking back to see progress. If you would like to make a donation to the fund then please do. Every penny raised will go to helping those isolated and lonely through grief.